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Get Set Up for Success

Imagine being able to start FAST and already set up with best practices. Cosmolex requires very little configuration and is very easy to use. You won't have to think about the technology part of your billing and accounting, it's all taken care of. CosmoLex is a perfect fit for solo practitioners who are just starting out OR boutique firms with a small number of attorneys.

Cosmolex is priced affordably with no commitments, no contracts, but with all the nuanced legal-specific best practices you need to run your firm without the high-priced customization and configuration expenses that larger firms need to use to run their practice.

It is built for lawyers, designed for speed, and priced for comfort. We'll help show you the product and get you started right away. It is the perfect addition to our suite of products, and you may just be the perfect candidate for it. Schedule a demo today and find out for yourself.

Convenient Compliance

  • Ensure all Billable items are Accounted for with Contextual Billing
  • Track Hours Easily with On-the-Go and Rapid-Time Capture Across Matters
  • Compliant Cost Tracking lets you Instantly Post your Direct and Indirect Costs as Soon as They are Incurred
  • Everything Input into Practice Management and Billing Connects Automatically onto your General Ledger
  • Trust Accounting is Built-in with Billing, General Accounting and Practice Management
  • Business Accounting with Built-In Compliance Checks

We found Christina when launching our new firm in 2009. We started with the Tabs3 system, which has turned out to be a wonderful investment that has kept pace seamlessly as the firm has grown. Even more important is that Christina has a wealth of expertise and experience, which she happily shares. She is always available to answer questions or lend assistance. Her customer service simply cannot be beat.



Due to Christina's knowledge and expertise with everything from full charge bookkeeping to software implementation and training, she was able to streamline our bookkeeping needs to just two days a week. Christina is truly a lifesaver!


Office Administrator

I really like that Christina has such a deep background having worked at a law firm because she knows what I'm up against. Because I don't want to know anything about our software on a perfect day. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to look at a report. I don't want to do anything. I just want to know that the person that is running it is getting accurate data.  We had years of someone under-utilizing our software tools and Christina stepped in and showed us how to make it better quickly. And our process continues to improve thanks to her guidance. She's very good at finding out what you're trying to do and showing you the most efficient way to make it happen. 


Managing Partner

I really appreciate that Christina listens closely to what we're trying to do, and understands what our goals are. When we were shopping around, there were a lot of salespeople who said "here's what our program can do for you" without taking the time to understand what we really needed and why. But Christina is really invested in wanting to learn about us, so she could customize the program to work for us. 


Prosecutor, Muckleshoot Tribe

It's easy to see that Christina's been doing this for a very long time. There isn't a problem that she doesn't know how to address or resolve. I was replacing someone who had left quickly and I needed to figure out how to get organized and structured and how to get everything going efficiently. Christina helped me figure out how I was going to set up the system for myself so that I could succeed.  She's an excellent, excellent communicator and a really good teacher. I would be lost without her.


Business Manager, law firm, Chicago, IL